Our Team



A successful career in the medical device industry as both an entrepreneur and project manager for medical device companies has led Mr. Waddell to his position at WellClub as Chief of Execution. He is an expert in technical project management, small company executing management, product development and process reengineering. 


thomas brust

With more than 25 years of experience as a CEO, entrepreneur and business consultant, Mr. Brust is the chief visionary at WellClub. His proven ability to grow revenues, increase shareholder value, and execute successful exit strategies position him as a leading entrepreneurial voice. 

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President of Sursumcorda Resource Group, Mr. Wesley has over 25 years of experience in managing the development of advanced information systems in healthcare, patient outcomes, clinical research, health services research, power generation, web development, and multimedia production.

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Lisa is a detailed executer and provides a wide range of project support for the entire team. She is a certified holistic health coach and has a deep passion for nutrition and wellness.  

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Geoff Gorres, M.D.
Medical advisor

Dr. Gorres is an Emergency Medicine Provider at St. Croix Regional Medical Center. He is Board Certified in Family Practice and Emergency Medicine. He graduated from the University of Minnesota Medical School and completed his residency at U.S. Naval Hospital in Pensacola, FL. 

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Matthew is studying Applied Economics at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. While interning at WellClub, he hopes to learn some of the business decisions that face startup companies and apply them to his studies as he finishes his degree. 

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Ralph Bovard, M.D.
medical advisor

Dr. Bovard is the Program Director for the HealthPartners/University of Minnesota Occupational and Environmental Medicine Residency. He has over 30 years of clinical practice experience, working in occupational, preventive, musculoskeletal and sports medicine. 



Maddie recently graduated from St. Olaf College with a BA in Studio Art. An intensive year spent studying graphic design in Copenhagen kicked off her career in design, and instilled a passion for communicating visual identity. 

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the opportunity

Physical Therapy is a 31.6 billion dollar market growing at 4.8% a year. Successful outcomes are dependent on thoughts, feelings and actions taken outside the clinic. Patients forget, misinterpret, and are generally not accountable to prescribed actions. Further, system centric healthcare today is not efficient at managing expectations or costs. As a result, health insurance trends and the Affordable Care Act are moving purchasing decisions to bundled care outcome based treatments, high deductible plans or cash pay. Patient expectations and satisfaction have become new drivers in healthcare. 


Our Solution:
Engagement outside the cliniC

The TherApp(tm) mobile physical therapy program instructs and motivates patients to start and finish their PT, increasing practice efficiencies and profits by handling more patients with less churn, and promoting better outcomes by collecting data on patient progress. 

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WellClub is currently expanding trial opportunities, seeking a strategic partnership, and conducting patient trials. The company has entered into collaboration with two major healthcare systems targeting knees and shoulders, and has completed Phase 1 product testing. The Therapp(tm) platform has completed validation and is moving into its second generation device for extended evaluation in both institutions. 



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