WellClub is a mobile
physical therapy company.

We increase patient engagement with orthopedic providers from preoperative prevention through postoperative rehabilitation for better outcomes
and higher satisfaction while reducing costs.


PT works when patients do their exercises.

98% of all recovery happens at home, but until now,
physical therapists have lacked an effective way to encourage,
 track and adapt therapy once the patient leaves the clinic. 


TherApp(tm) assures patients by offering them
daily direction and encouragement
for their physical therapy plan. 

The TherApp(tm) mobile physical therapy program increases engagement,
 improves outcomes and lowers costs by capturing data
while the patient does their therapy at home. 

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TherApp(tm) Patient PT ApP

TherApp(tm) Patient PT App is currently available in the Apple store. It instructs, directs, and demonstrates the exercises through videos and illustrations for the patient. Patients and therapists can track progress through continuous updates and direct messaging. The app congratulates the patient upon exercise completion, and allows them to enroll social support from family or friends. 

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Therapp(tm) band

The TherApp(tm) Band is a comfortable sensor worn to monitor motion during exercises. It connects the patient and the
therapist fostering assurances in the clinic and at home
where 98% of recovery occurs. 

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therapp(TM) virtual pt clinic

The TherApp(tm) Virtual PT Clinic is a laptop accessible software program enabling therapists to care remotely for all of their patients. Therapists receive objective patient data to improve outcomes by efficiently sending instructions, changing their patients' program, and coaching them to do their exercises. 

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Therapp(TM) Management Platform

TherApp(tm) Management Platform is a software program that monitors the big picture. It tracks patient generated data including engagement, utilization, compliance, progress, and satisfaction. It enables monitoring and comparison of outcomes between provider locations, doctors and therapists. For the first time, administration can view patient behavior, engagement and satisfaction by surgeon, therapist, and clinic throughout the care episode with the ability to plan for and improve outcomes. 


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The TherApp(tm) mobile physical therapy program
is WellClub's initial platform addressing the need for
improved outcomes, cost of care and patient satisfaction
targeting high volume orthopedic indications. 


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